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Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Hi Everyone! This is Natalie and now we’ll talk about how to get started with Adobe Photoshop. What is Photoshop? This is the powerful editing software you can use to change and enhance your pictures or to create something from scratch. So let’s go… Five examples you can use Photoshop to make simple or advanced modifications your pictures you have taken. Stuff like cropping, change the brightness or color, delete something you don't like, add sky overlay. You can draw with tools like brushes or shapes mix pictures or part of them together.

If instead you want to create a new document, you have go to File - New and handle the little setup window. Don't worry it's easy...! Let's try to create a new document... Go to file - New ...

Name - name of your stunning project...

width and height in pixel ... I created a new document size 3600 x 2400 300 ppi

How to create new document in Adobe Photoshop

if you only have to watch it on a screen or in inches if you want to print it. Resolution 72ppi for a web digital use only, 150ppi or even better 300ppi if you want to print this value also called dpi (dot per inch) corresponds to the detail level of your document. Color mode RGB (Red Green Blue) if watch it on the screen. Again see my okay if you want to send it to a printer or printing service don't worry about the rest you don't have to deal with it right now.

then chose Set foreground color, then chose magenta color, then go to Paint bucket tool & fill the document. Done!

Color Picker

Paint bucket tool

Now you can save the document.... Go to file - Save (Ctrl+S) or Save as (Ctrl+Shift+S)...Done!

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+O - open document

Ctrl+O - full size (here "O" is a num.)

Ctrl+N - create new document

G - choose Paint bucket tool

Shift+F5 - fill

Ctrl+ S - save

Ctrl+Shift+S - save as


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