How to apply sky overlays using Adobe Photoshop | Quick and Easy Part 1

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

How to use and apply sky overlays Part 2

Hi everyone! Natalie here from Allbestgraphics and today I want to tell you how to replace & change a sunset sky overlay to any photos. The Sky overlays effect is an essential part of memorable photo. In this easy and quick tutorial, you'll see a cool technique on how to add sky overlay & replace a boring sky in any photo using Adobe Photoshop. You'll know how to use gradient and brush tool, layer mask, blend mode and so much more... Just imagine your photos in the atmosphere of a gorgeous sunset sky... Add a custom look to any your photos using our stunning sunset sky overlays & sky backgrounds, and get creative with these amazing photo overlays to make your pictures warm, cute, and adorable...!

Ocean. Orange Sunset sky California

So doing you need to have a photo of sky and you can get one in several ways there are sky overlays all over the internet you can purchase I'm sure that there's some for free or you can just take a picture of the sky when you noticed that it looking cool, snap a photo, keep it in a folder and then to start collect a collection of your own Skies to use later on

Gorgeous view of Manarola Cinque_Terre_Sky Sunset-img1745273


There are a few basic steps that to add sky overlays to your amazing photos.

- Choose and open your image you want to change, then drag & drop sky overlay on to your image & resize if necessary...

- Choose a blend mode (darken, multiply, etc...)

- Change opacity if necessary... (from 50% to 75%)

- Adjusting colors to fit the scene in your image

- Add layer mask, then apply brush tool

- All of these basic steps can be done easily and quickly, and then can be applied more advanced options after the basics are done.

So I've selected a photo here and I’ll add sky overlay to it, because this sky boring and not pretty at all..., so we want to add an adorable sunset sky. So the first thing you need to do is select your sky overlay. There's a million ways to add a sky to an image. So I go to File - Place, then selected gorgeous sunset sky I want to import and hit button place.... I'd like to resize it a little bit..., just make it just a touch bigger. Then I'm going to move it up so kind of the horizon line up with the horizon just maybe a little bit beneath that and I'm going to hit Okay. Done!!!

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