How to apply sky overlays using Adobe Photoshop | Quick and Easy Part 2

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

How to use and apply sky Part 1

How to use and apply sky overlays with Adobe Photoshop | Quick and Easy tutorial Part_2. Basic steps for applying sky overlays

Now next thing I do is I change the blend mode so making sure that your sky's layer was selected there in your layers, you can go up and change the blend mode. Sometimes I use darken in most of the time, but now I use multiply so I'll use that for this one and that looks great to me. So I'm also going to mask off parts of the image that I want kind of blend in the sky and do it that way so you need to add a layer mask to your sky.

So you hit this little button down here it pops up this little white box then you need to make sure when you're blending that you're using a black brush and I kind of start with my opacity maybe a little bit lower 50. Then I can start painting off the sky. One other thing that I do is I lower the opacity of the sky so that I can kind of see the image just a little bit better where the trees are and which parts I want to mask off.

So I'm just going to start masking here and blending. I'm just going to blend the sky a bit

it's kind of opacity you're just attaching.

Do this part of it make sure you get it off all your subjects - face, body, skin all that stuff the multiply layer. This is really good with background images of the trees you're not too worried about that it kind of look natural. You get it off the most part but ask for all these little holes I'm not going to go through in nitpick for this in French. I mean you can if you want to but it's not worth it for victory. So I'm just going to boost this up just a little bit more. I make sure I got it off all her face in her skin the parts that I don't want is good for me so I'm going to bring my opacity back up and kind of see how that looks.

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