Gorgeous Real Lights Bokeh Overlays | Magical Photo Overlays on Black


   Just add a magical creative touch to your photographs using our awesome Lights Bokeh Photo Overlays. Get creative with these perfect photo effects to make your photos magical, adorable and breathtaking. Our incredible Photoshop effects & Photo overlays can give your awesome photographs and photos gorgeous styles from warm & cute to breathtaking, excellent and whimsical. Find out how magical, incredible and adorable your photos may look...
   Our Romantic high quality, professional Lights Bokeh Photo Overlays are simple to use, designed for drag-and-drop compatibility with any software that allow to work with layers - PaintShop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Photoshop Elements and etc., and may significantly change the look and feel of any photo. Also, you can use free programs like Krita, SumoPaint, Pixelmator Pro, PaintShopPro, Pixlr, Seashore and Paint.net. Breathe life into your Images, Photos or Pictures with this gorgeous photo overlay & make your pictures incredible in just a few clicks! High quality, compatible with Photoshop Cs 5, Cs 6, Ps CC and Photoshop Elements. Perfect for any DIY projects.
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